By William Addelson, Contributing Writer 

Farmington native Ryan Nezol is aiming to open mexican restaurant with a full tequila bar and beer on top in the old Thai Smile location by mid October. Nezol has always wanted to open up his own restaurant, and now he is going to fulfil his dream with Uno Mas.

Nezol has been working in the food industry in locations specifically around the Sugarloaf area, but now he’s ready to take his restaurant knowledge and put it to the test with Uno Mas in Farmington. He plans on having plenty of local and domestic beer on tap as well of a handful of different blends of tequila.  

All vegetables are to be grown 100% organically in a greenhouse Nezol has purchased specifically for Uno Mas. “I think that’s what going to separate us from everyone else, completely organic vegetables, and great quality produce.”

Currently the only competition awaiting Uno Mas’s opening is none other than El Toro, the highly successful and sought after traditional mexican food truck in and around the Farmington area. “I’ll try them out for sure,” admitted Pete Anderson, a chef at El Toro. “There’s nothing wrong with healthy competition, and I am confident in our food, so the rest will fall into place.”

Even though El Toro doesn’t mind a little friendly competition, one could imagine that the other bars around town aren’t so thrilled with the opening of yet another new bar. This is the second one in just over a year, following the opening of Tuck’s last fall.

However the idea of a mexican restaurant with a tequila bar is hitting it off with locals and students alike. Dominic Martorano, a current UMF student and bar patron is highly enthusiastic about the idea of another mexican based food establishment. When asked if he would try it or not he gave a resounding, “Definitely, it combines two of my favorite aspects of hispanic culture, food and tequila.” He also appreciates the idea of having something a little different from the norm here in Farmington. “A mexican themed tequila bar throws in a new bar atmosphere that we don’t have anything quite like here in Farmington.”

On top of that when told about the idea of a greenhouse of organic vegetables, Martorano was more than impressed.

Nezol is an entrepreneur. He wants to put out quality food and quality experiences for everyone that stops by Uno Mas for a bite to eat or a drink.  Whether it’s a night on the town, or a nice sit down dinner, Uno Mas looks to cater to all needs of the customer. “What sets us apart is the themed bar, and the fact that all our veggies are grown locally and organically. People are going to love it!”