By Nicole Stewart, Contributing Writer 

The Rainbow League at UMF. (Photo Courtesy of the Rainbow League Facebook Page)

The Rainbow League at UMF. (Photo Courtesy of the Rainbow League Facebook Page)

The Rainbow League has officially moved into a new room down in the IT Tech Commons basement, bringing the club a new environment and space for students to enjoy. When the club was in the Student Center, the room was too small for the club to fit all the members that wanted to stop by and hang out in between classes. Members from the E-Board are hopeful that students will come down and visit the new club area, Room 006.

Matthew Wyman, the president of the Rainbow League believes that the move has been beneficial for the club. “Where our old office was (in the Student Center), it was very public and a lot of people come here with anxiety,” said Wyman. “When you’re in the Student Center in a room with a tiny little window, you don’t feel very private and it tends to heighten emotions. We have people who come to decompress.”

According to Wyman, the Vice President and Public Relations Officer went to President Foster over the summer and explained why the club needed the extra space. Celeste Branham was instrumental in helping the club with finding a new space. “We had legitimate concerns,” said Wyman, “our members were suffering in the old office. We needed the space.”

Vice President Cheyenne Candow has also seen the increase of members and students coming down to the new office. “The amount of people that actually come down, visit, sit, and stay is far more than it’s ever been because we have the extra space,” said Candow. The club has over thirty members, making the extra room space convenient for students to relax.

However, the new move is not without a downside. “The one thing we scarified was our location in the Student Center, where students could just walk by,” said Candow. “While we do like the privacy, it’s kind of sad that you can’t just stick your head in to say, ‘hi.’”

Bobbi Morneault, the Public Relations Officer of Rainbow League, sees the changes that the new room has afforded the group. “We’re really big. At the beginning of the year, we clocked in about forty members.” Morneault commented that the club is one of the biggest on UMF campus.

Candow believes that it’s possible more clubs will be down in the basement area in the future. “They’re trying to move clubs into here and move the people working here into different places, so that the basement becomes a center for students as opposed to people becoming spread out in the Student Center, the basement of Roberts, things like that,” said Candow. Candow is hopeful that in the future it will be easier for the campus to have clubs down in the Tech Commons basement.

As a part of the Rainbow League moving, the club is preparing for an event, Gender Diversity Night, in November as well. According to Morneault, it is set to take place on Nov. 16 at 7 p.m in the North Dining Hall. “We have a clothing drive, guest speaker, a fashion show and an LGBTQIA panel about gender.” Everyone is welcome to come to the event.

Students are also  more than welcome to stop by in the new room. The E-Board has their hours posted on the board located in the Student Center. “We’re all very invested in this club and it really shows,” said Wyman, “We dig our heels in and we make it work. People dump their whole heart and soul into this and it’s so good.”