Welcome to “Some DAM good Advice,” the Farmington Flyer’s anonymous advice column. Each issue, we will be answering questions submitted by you—the students of UMF. No topic is off limits and submissions are greatly appreciated. If you want to submit a question, you can access the online form from the Farmington Flyer facebook page or visit www.somedamgoodadvice.weebly.com and click under the “about” section.   

Q: With the holiday season underway, I’ve started thinking about gift ideas for my friends and family. The only problem is that I’m so broke right now that I’ve been living off of canned corn and Ramen all week. Do you have any suggestions for gifts that are still awesome, but won’t make my piggy bank cry?  Signed, Cash-less College Student    

A: Well, the good thing is that we are still in the middle of October and that leaves you plenty of time to plan ahead and save up if necessary. We would suggest taking a trip downtown to check out some of the local stores; many of them have great gifts and the some of them offer discounts if you show your student ID. Another great thing to think about is the programming here at UMF. Many of the CAs and other Clubs/ Organizations do various DIY and craft nights that would be great for making inexpensive gifts. Keep an eye out as you walk through the Student Center because as we get closer to the holidays, clubs on campus typically sell UMF themed trinkets. Also, keep in mind that the UMF bookstore is undergoing some pretty big changes and they have some great deals on some pretty cool UMF gear. We understand that money is tight, but college students are known for being crafty and resourceful—happy gifting!

Q: When it comes to politics, I feel like I always strive to make a well-informed decision on who I vote for. However, this year, I feel as though the overwhelming media coverage is making it harder for me to make an informed and accurate decision. How can I decipher what is real and what is phony? Signed, Valid Voter  

A: Okay, this is a great question! With the election just around the corner, we think that it is important to make sure that you have enough information to feel comfortable with your vote. We think that it is important to try to stay away from incredibly biased news sources. If you are reading an article, take some time and do a quick bit of research just to see whether or not the source leans one way or the other. This will help you decipher more facts and less rhetoric. We think that you should take the time to research each candidate, because you cannot trust all of the things that pop up of Facebook or other social media platforms due to the fact that they tend to be based more on personal feelings and responses instead of the hard facts. Going to each candidate’s website is also a great way to figure out their stances on different issues and comparing them to your own beliefs and opinions will help you make a decision that you are comfortable with.