Welcome to “Some DAM good Advice,” the Farmington Flyer’s anonymous advice column. Each issue, we will be answering questions submitted by you—the students of UMF. No topic is off limits and submissions are greatly appreciated. If you would like to submit a question, you can access the online form from the Farmington Flyer Facebook page or visit www.somedamgoodadvice.weebly.com and click under the “about” section.    

Q: With the holidays coming up, there are a couple of professors that I would really like to give cards to, but I don’t want it to look like I’m trying to suck up or bribe them for a better grade. Should I even bother to give them cards? Or should I wait until grades are closed? Signed, Anonymous    

A: This is a very interesting question. We know that professors really enjoy receiving cards from students and they will understand that you are not trying to influence them into giving you a higher grade if you do it in a tactful way. We suggest not signing the card and either putting it in their mailbox or sliding it under their office door. This will ensure that they receive your well-wishes, but it won’t be considered bribery because they have no way of knowing who the card came from. Don’t let fear keep you from giving a card to your professors, they will know you well enough after having you in class to know whether or not you have honest intentions.

Q: After my first semester here at UMF, I’m not really liking my major anymore. The classes don’t engage me and I just don’t have any interest in what we have been talking about. Should I stick with it and hope that the content gets more interesting or should I switch into a different program? Who should I talk to about this?

Signed, Major Dilemma    

A: Well, Major Dilemma, it sounds like you’re literally in a major dilemma! There are a ton of students every semester that change majors, or add minors, so know that you are not the only person feeling this way. We recommend talking to your advisor first and telling them how you’ve been feeling. They will be able to help you pick out a new program that will fit your interests. We also suggest doing some research about what program you might be thinking of switching into and maybe even talking to the advisor of that program or students that are currently taking classes in that major. This can help you decide if it’s really right for you. It might be scary to think about changing your major but it’s better to switch now than to wait until your final semesters at UMF. You definitely don’t want to end up only being qualified in doing something that you really don’t like to do. Best of luck!