By Courtney Fowler, Editor-in-Chief 

Dalpour in Cyprus for a 2015 conference about the Ottoman Empire.

Dalpour in Cyprus for a 2015 conference about the Ottoman Empire. (Photo courtesy of Waleck Dalpour)

Through his extensive world travels and expertise in international business, Professor Waleck Dalpour has been sharing his vast knowledge and rich cultural experiences with UMF for nearly 30 years.

From humble beginnings in the small town of Shahi, in northern Iran, to traveling to over 13 European countries, Africa and beyond, Dalpour is no stranger to cultural experiences beyond that of rural Maine. But it was just this – the unique character and small town charm that Farmington exudes – that drew him to UMF in 1987.

“I had a chance with three colleges to get an interview when I was looking for jobs – South Dakota State University, Penn State University, and University of Maine, Farmington,” said Dalpour, eyes shining bright with remembrance. “I chose UMF not because of high pay, but because of the environment and the people. I realized it was where I wanted to raise my children.”

Serving as a Professor of Business, Dalpour has taught more than twelve courses during his time at UMF, ranging from Principles of Marketing to International Business to the Business Capstone course, Strategic Management. Over six of the twelve courses were developed by Dalpour himself.

“I’ve taken three courses with Professor Dalpour – International Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Human Resource Development,” said junior Business Economics major Brock DeRaps. “Though it is not always the focus of the course, I appreciate the international aspect he brings to each one. As a student from Maine, it is an especially good opportunity to be exposed to foreign cultures and ideas.”

 The daily respect and appreciation Dalpour receives stems not solely from his students, but from his colleagues as well. Professor of Business and Economics Dr. Sheena Bunnell has worked alongside Dalpour for more than 20 years, and has enjoyed every step along the way.

“He is an excellent colleague, is always collaborative, and maintains strong leadership and management skills,” said Bunnell. “But it is his strong commitment to the success of his students that stands out. It is the core of his teaching philosophy.”

This passion and unwavering determination that he commits to his students is something Dalpour recognizes in himself, even crediting it as the most rewarding aspect of his job.

“Passion, dedication, and determination is how I would describe my teaching and my time at UMF,” said Dalpour. “Seeing student accomplishments and knowledge is the most rewarding and satisfying thing.”

 “He is always interested in how your day is going and how you are doing in his course,” added DeRaps. “He has such concern and dedication to his students, even if they are not his advisees.”

Aside from teaching, Dalpour has previously served as the Division Chair of Social Science and Business for approximately 13 years, as well as the advisor for the UMF men’s soccer team. From 1996 to 2009, he served as a visiting professor at the Université du Maine in Le Mans, France. Outside of UMF, Dalpour is an instructor for both a Masters of Business Administration program and a Doctoral program at Southern New Hampshire University.

Though he does not see retirement in the near future, Dalpour hopes to one day extend his love for teaching on an international scale.

“It is my goal to teach an MBA program in different countries,” said Dalpour. “Specifically, France, Belgium, Estonia, and Turkey. And of course, I hope to write a textbook one day for the Principles of International Management.