By Erin Levasseur, Staff Writer

Members of BAM during a performance last spring (Photo courtesy of Willa Barron)

Members of BAM during a performance last spring (Photo courtesy of Willa Barron)

After months of preparation, the UMF dance group Bust A Move Beavers, also known as BAM, will be hosting their spring recital in the near future. The opening show will be on March 30, with shows following on April 1 through April 3, in the Emery Arts Center.

Junior Willa Barron has been a member of BAM since her first semester at UMF. “It has the same feel as a dance studio or even as dance competition teams,” said Barron. “In BAM, anyone is able to join and anyone is able to choreograph dances. It is a great way to stay active, get involved, and be a part of something huge.”

The upcoming recital promises to deliver what fans have come to expect from the popular dance group. Haley Tomberlin, a sophomore and the secretary of BAM said, “This semester’s performance will have a few things that are always expected, but some things are going to be a little different. I am really excited to show lyrical this semester, as we are trying some new styles that not everyone has seen before. We are even trying some improv.”

A highly anticipated performance is “Whistle While You Work It” choreographed by Tomberlin and Bethany Parisi. “It’s a super fun dance,” said Barron. They’ve mixed hip-hop, ballet, and jazz to create something amazing.” Tomberlin said that many members of BAM will be participating in this performance.

Typically BAM meets in the North Dining Hall in the Olsen Student Center, but this semester renovations to the carpet flooring have caused BAM to rethink its practice spaces. Practices have been held in unusual places, such as the Roberts Learning Center. Tomberlin said, “A classroom just isn’t the ideal space for such a large group and the tile floor can be somewhat slippery. With the show coming up so soon, we are just pushing through and figuring out how to work with difficult spaces.”

Despite the challenges the renovations have caused, BAM is ready to delivery come rehearsal time. Practices have been held for months, and each member is expected to practice at least five hours a week for the group dances. Smaller groups have been meeting for an additional hour each week. Tomberlin said, “I feel like our group is moving along really fast since we are aware that the show is coming very soon. I know we will be ready.”

Students, faculty, community members, friends and family are encouraged to attend a performance, but getting a ticket may prove tricky. Supporters are advised to stand in line at least two hours prior to the recital in order to obtain a ticket.

“People should come to support their friends and classmates and see all the different talents UMF students have,” said Tomberlin. “Also it’s a great way see if BAM would be something they would like to join.”