By Molly Dalton and Kurt Mason, Contributing Writers 

CA Lena DeMoe shows off a dream catcher made at her recent program (Photo by Molly Dalton)

CA Lena DeMoe shows off a dream catcher made at her recent program (Photo by Molly Dalton)

Have you ever just found yourself sitting on your bed thinking, “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever been this bored in my life!” If so, UMF has a solution for you. The Community Assistants (CAs) in each of the Residence Halls provide a variety of programs that are geared towards getting the residents out of their rooms and socializing with their fellow building mates.

CAs work to design programs that are both educational and social as a way to provide the residents with activities that span a wide variety of interests. Whether it is Knitting Nights, Floor Dinners, Scavenger Hunts, or Paint Nights, there is a program out there for everyone.

Recently, in Scott Hall, new CA Lena DeMoe hosted her first program of her CA career—DIY Dream catchers.

“I wanted to do this because I wanted to provide my residents with a unique program that would allow them to express their creativity,” said DeMoe. With more than forty attendees, DeMoe considered it a large success.  

“I used to make these with my mom when I was younger,” said DeMoe, “It was something that I really liked doing and I thought it would be something new that people would enjoy doing as well.”

Another successful program that recently occurred on campus was Kris Kelley’s “Gratitude Grams” in FAB Hall. The program was intended to help residents show their appreciation to one another and value the little things that people do.

“The community was overwhelmingly excited about this program and loved the idea,” said Kelley. With over forty people stopping to write messages, this program was a huge success. According to Kelley, “when residents received their gratitude grams, they were excited and loved the messages that others wrote to them. Some were silly, but some were very personal.”

Along with the fun, crafty programs CAs love to promote, they also host a variety of diversity based programs as well.

Brennah O’Connell and Mana Mohamed, CAs in Scott South and Dakin Hall, respectively, are hosting a program that uses food as a way to speak about diversity.

“Farmington doesn’t have as much diversity as other places,” said O’Connell, “so we hope that this program will help others learn more about another culture.”

This program is using three traditional African dishes as a way to help open up the discussion of different people and different cultures.

“The dishes that I picked connected with more than ten different countries,” remarked Mohamed, “and they are not only many people’s favorite dishes, but they are something that I grew up with.”

This program will be occurring on March 3 at 6:00 p.m. in the Scott South Lounge. Both O’Connell and Mohamed are excited for their program and when asked, Mohamed said, “I hope people are curious enough to come and try something that they’ve never eaten before and may have never seen. Plus, it’s free food and everyone likes free food.”

The CAs continuously host programs throughout the year, so keep an eye open for upcoming events in your Residence Hall. If you have a particular program that you would like to see or feedback from a program that you attended, contact your CA—they only want to make your time in the Residence Hall as fun and memorable as can be.