By Christina Hall, Staff Writer 

Items found at the new campus thrift store (Photo by Lindsay Mower)

Items found at the new campus thrift store (Photo by Lindsay Mower)

Aimed to provide unique and affordable items for all UMF students, the Sustainable Campus Coalition (SCC) recently held their grand opening for the new campus thrift store, The Thrifty Beaver. Located on the top floor of Merrill, the store has seen much success thus far.

Although the turnout for opening day was small, assumingly because of the snow day which caused the postponement of the event, Lauren Crosby, SCC member and leader of The Thrifty Beaver project, said that everyone who stopped in showed interest and thoroughly enjoyed the store.

Currently, The Thrifty Beaver is a pilot project that will continue to grow throughout the semester and in the upcoming years. For this semester, the store will be located in room 403 in Merrill Hall, an “artsy scene place and has a unique view” according to Crosby.

Freshman Donna Chason was one of the students who visited the thrift store on opening day. “I like the idea for the store,” said Chason, “you take something, you give something. It makes it really affordable and accessible.”

The store was originally a student’s capstone project, which is a research-oriented or design-oriented project where the end product is something that can be implemented and used. “The student decided he no longer wanted to do the project,” said Crosby, “so the SCC reached out to take over.” The project took approximately two weeks for the SCC to complete.

The idea of the store is to have a place where people on campus can get affordable items. “We don’t want any money to be involved with The Thrifty Beaver,” said Crosby, “we simply want it to be a resource that students can use to essentially ‘swap’ items.”

Crosby said that the Thrifty Beaver will have many different items such as clothing, books, household goods, and other nick-nacks. “We want this to be a place where everyone has access to things they may need,” Crosby said.

The SCC is currently accepting donations for items to be included in the store. Students, faculty, and staff can place items in the box outside of the SCC office, found in the Student Center. People are also encouraged to drop off donations when the Thrifty Beaver is open.

Currently, the store will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. For more information, visit the store in Merrill Hall or contact Lauren Crosby at