By Austin Gatcomb, Staff Reporter 

UMF students Christina Hallowell and Hannah Watson (Photo by Gia Pilgrim Charles)

UMF students Christina Hallowell and Hannah Watson (Photo by Gia Pilgrim Charles)

Each year, the Tuesday before Symposium Day plays host to an Arts Night, a time when seniors reveal their various works from different arts programs. Students Christina Hallowell and Hannah Watson have already begun preparations, as the pair is currently creating a coloring book to be sold throughout the community to help fund Arts Night.

“We wanted something that would bring our community of artists together,” said Hallowell in an email interview. “The recent coloring book fad gave us a perfect opportunity.” The coloring book will feature images of Chompers, UMF’s mascot, that have been submitted to Hallowell and Watson. Through use of the coloring book, Hallowell and Watson also hope to boost school spirit.

“Chompers is a really fun representation of UMF,” Watson said in an email interview, “We really hope that seeing and creating these images of Chompers will be fun for the community and just put a smile on everyone’s faces.” The current estimated day of release is March 11. On March 12, Hallowell and Watson will be hosting a coloring party, however the time and place have yet to be determined.

This coloring party will be set up so that “the book will be on sale and people can stick around and color with us,” Hallowell said. The coloring books will cost five dollars, but artists that have their picture chosen for the coloring book will receive a free copy and will also be credited at the back of the book. Thus far, however, Hallowell and Watson have only received two submissions. “They’re both really cool though,” said Hallowell. Hallowell did not reveal what these submissions were as she did not want to ruin the surprise when the book comes out.

“This year we are expanding Arts Night to run from April 22 to April 27,” said Watson, “This gives us more time to showcase all the different forms of art around campus including clubs and individuals who aren’t enrolled in the art capstone classes.” The goal of is to invite more students, faculty and community to view the art and thus expand the audience of the art.

Students are encouraged to sketch their own picture of Chompers and submit their work for possible publication within the coloring book. Hallowell and Watson plan to use the best ten submissions they receive. Submissions can be sent to or to as a PDF form.