Corbin Briske

From left to right: Mariah Hartley, Chelsea  Collins, and Matthew Mains

From left to right: Mariah Hartley, Chelsea
Collins, and Matthew Mains
(Photo by Corbin Briske).

   Students at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) begin to speculate this year’s Spring Fling events as spring becomes more apparent on the university’s campus.

    Last Thursday, Spring Fling members aligned around an oval table in Roberts 209B and remained quiet as Chelsea Collins, the co-chair of the Spring Fling Committee entered the room; the only source of sound was the ruffling of her papers as she prepared her agenda. All eyes were on her and Geoff Ballou, the other co-chair, patiently waiting for them to begin the meeting.

    Despite UMF being a small university with a strict budget, Ballou and Collins have high hopes for this year’s Spring Fling. “We aren’t given a big budget like the other schools,” said Collins. “But we are doing our best to make this a Spring Fling to remember.”

   Collins, also the Director of Programming for the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) has experience booking events with performers and their agencies before. However with Spring Fling, several obstacles make it more difficult to plan events in an organized manner. “I believe that the hardest thing is getting clubs to be involved, whether they are doing a larger event or not,” said Collins. “It is difficult but in the end it will all be worth it.”

   The clubs that plan on contributing to Spring Fling week offer a variety of events for the students. The events scheduled now are Battle of the Bands, hosted by WUMF (the university’s radio station), Rocky Horror Picture Show, hosted by Student Theatre UMF (STUMF), laser tag, hosted by ACE, Mr. and Mrs. UMF hosted by the university’s Community Assistants (CAs), the talent show, hosted by Campus Residence Council (CRC), the drag show hosted by The Alliance, and the dance which is currently not being hosted.

The Spring Fling Committee amongst other clubs at UMF hope to bring big names on campus, but given the budgets that they are allotted with, it is nearly impossible for them to do so. “It comes down to cost,” said Collins. “We have to be very strategic in where our money goes.”

   Money aside, many are hopeful that this generation of students will help promote this year’s events hosted at Spring Fling in order to gain more excitement from future students for the coming years.

   Mariah Hartley, a freshman, already expressed her knowledge and enthusiasm about Spring Fling. “I’m excited for Spring Fling because I’ve never experienced it yet since I’m a freshman,” said Hartley. “I’m curious of what it’ll be like. It sounds pretty exciting!”

   The Spring Fling event information will be posted in the UMF Student Center in a few weeks’ time. In the meantime, those who are interested in being involved with Spring Fling or would like to contribute their ideas are encouraged to attend Spring Fling Committee meetings every Thursday at 6:30pm in Roberts 209B. They can also contact Collins directly via email at