By Emily Osborne, Staff Writer 

UMF students enjoy the warm weather during Reggae Fest at Sugarloaf. (Photo Courtesy of Marisa Hanning)

UMF students enjoy the warm weather during Reggae Fest at Sugarloaf. (Photo Courtesy of Marisa Hanning)

Recently, Sugarloaf announced that they will be making snow this month, making it the latest date that they have made snow in 65 years. The snowmaking season typically ends in March, but due to the lack of snowfall this winter, Sugarloaf’s snowmaking season is being extended into April, allowing skiers and snowboards the opportunity to spend more time on the mountain.

The decision to make more snow was made by snowmakers of the first part,said Andrea Beaulieu, UMF senior and employee of Sugarloaf in an email interview. The mountain also posted a video on Facebook of the General Manger stating that they weren’t over and that they will continue to make snow,said Angelica Horne who is also a senior and employee of Sugarloaf.

Making more snow this late into the year means more time for people to enjoy their time on the mountain whether its working, skiing or snowboarding. People may have different views about Sugarloaf making snow in April, but most employees feel nothing but positivity.

Sugarloaf is a special place and it is filled with special people,” said Horne. “There are not many places like it,though she adds, one could also look at the fiscal sideand well, maybe we shouldn’t look at the finances.

Throughout the process, some employees came across some different thoughts about snow being made in April.

The pros is that the true dedicated skiers will always still ski no matter what but the cons is most of the people that bring in the revenue only ski during peak season,said Conor Doherty, junior and employee at Sugarloaf.

The pros would be more skiing and that Sugarloaf gets to be sugary for just a little bit longer. The cons would be money and that snowmakers hard work is going to eventually be washed down the drain by every rainy and sunny day that we have, said Horne.

Last year was a decent winter,said Horne. After February snowmaking was not necessary. We were able to ski in the trees. This year snowmaking never stopped, many trails were never opened and we maybe had two or three extremely sketchy days in the trees.

I think sugarloaf really wanted to make their guest happy this year after the lack of snowfall this season and they are doing the best they can do accommodate all their guest needs,said Doherty.

After making a generous amount of snow this season, Sugarloaf will be seeing some big numbers. It will probably cost the mountain thousands, maybe millions, when you break everything down but they will be making a lot of revenue on reggae fest,said Doherty.

This mountain does whatever they can to stay open and have fun. It’s sugarloaf and if there’s one place that will defy Mother Nature and work with what they have this is the place,said Horne. It’s got a lot of grit, just like the state in which it resides. It’s the Mainer of the mountains.