By Haley Tomberlin, Staff Writer 

Deep Treble group members from Fall 2015. (Photo Courtesy of Facebook)

Deep Treble group members from Fall 2015. (Photo Courtesy of Facebook)

The UMF a cappella group Deep Treble recently held their Spring concert in the Amphitheatre. The lawn was scattered with friends and family listening to the performance, many wrapped in blankets, trying to stay warm as the sun set and a breeze passed through the Amphitheatre.

Shaylee Sibley, a junior member of Deep Treble, said “the turnout was a little more than I expected since it was really cold out and windy.”

The group started out the show with a rendition of “Ain’t No Valley High Enough” by Marvin Gaye. The 14 members of Deep Treble, made up of mostly girls, with just one male singer, Collin Regan, and two male beat boxers, stood in a semi-circle bouncing and swaying to each song.

The group sang 11 songs, ranging from slow to upbeat. There were various solos throughout to showcase individual performers.

The group sang popular songs like, “Rumor Has It” by Adele and, “Style” by Taylor Swift. Jyllian Lizanecz, a sophomore performer in the group, said the group votes on what music they are going to sing, though it also depends on what they can get as sheet music.

The crowd listened and watched as the group showed what they have been working on. The crowd even clapped along with the group during the Paramore song, “Ain’t it Fun?”

The group rehearses twice a week for their concerts. They recently performed at the UMF’s Earth Day celebration as well.

The group has only been established for three years as a club on campus. The group loves what they do. “We push each other to be better,” said Sibley. Ranae Carlson, a junior who attended the show said, “I love seeing students show off their talents.”

With everyone getting cold, including the singers, the group closed the show thanking everyone for coming and withstanding the weather with them.