By Keely Gendron, Staff Writer

The second semester is coming to an end and the UMF campus is swarming not only with bees but with stressed out students. Although the grass is growing greener and temperatures are rising, Everyone either seems to bury themselves in the library or computer center,according to senior Jeni Wallingford.

It is at this time that students seem to be looking for an outlet. For freshman Jack Neary, his escape is hitting the gym. I always go to the gym when I am stressed out because it’s something I like to do where I can be alone,said Neary. When I am stressed I like to be alone, I don’t want my negative energy to impact anyone else.

 For Wallingford, her favorite place to be at a time like this is back in her home in Wells, Maine where she can see the ocean. I tend to focus better and regroup myself before I start the coming week,said Wallingford. My parents are relaxed and just kind of let me hang out, and being by the ocean always helps.

As a college student, the ultimate struggle is trying to find the right balance. The biggest stressor is trying to find time to do all the work for all of my classes, it’s hard to also balance school with my rugby practice and games,said Neary.

At one point Wallingford was unsure if she was going to be graduating on time with the rest of her 2016 classmates. I was actually really concerned because I was a few credits behind so I had to take an independent study,said Wallingford. At that point, it wasnt even guaranteed that the independent study would be enough for me to graduate.

Towards the end of the semester, many students can vouch for how helpful their advisor can be. My advisor reminds me of deadlines and has helped a lot with my internship process for next year,said Wallingford. She has sat me down and really calmed me during this stressful time.

Meredith Swallow, a first year advisor at UMF, is aware of the different atmosphere the campus has towards the end of the year. I do perceive an increased level of stress for some of the students,said Swallow. Though, I also see a lot of excitement for changing seasons, sunshine, and future plans.Just as well as students do, advisors also need their own time to de-stress. I unplug and go outdoors for a run,said Swallow. No music, no phone, just my thoughts.”

With the school year winding down, everyone seems to have their own ideas of exactly what they are going to do right after their last final. First thing Im going to do is catch up on some sleep,said Neary. Wallingford has the opposite in mind. Definitely going to celebrate with friends,said Wallingford. I might even go down to the Sandy River or got to the bar for a drink.