By Donald Hutchins, Contributing Writer 

Dr. Roy Van Til (Photo Courtesy of UMF)

Dr. Roy Van Til (Photo Courtesy of UMF)

This Wednesday, November 16, retired Professor of Economics Dr. Roy Van Til will be returning to UMF to discuss America’s economic outlook based on the results of this year’s presidential election.

Sponsored by the Division of Social Sciences and Business, as well as the Department of Business Economics, the event will feature a rational perspective with factual, nonpartisan information.

Dr. Van Til retired in 2001 after 16 years at UMF, and after having also taught at Colby College, Boston College, Bentley College, Hosfstra University, Amherst, and Manhattanville College. His interest in political links dates back to his studies at Boston and Swartmore Colleges, where he obtained a Doctorate and a Bachelor’s Degree, respectively.

UMF Professor of Business Waleck Dalpour, having known Dr. Van Til since 1987, considers him to have been “one of the most invaluable colleagues in the Business Economics Department”. Having worked closely with him through the years, Dalpour spoke of him “unselfishly spending time with other colleagues to help the program get stronger [with] his invaluable expertise and knowledge in economics.”

Courtney Fowler, a senior Business Economics major, is looking forward to the event, and considers it “a phenomenal opportunity to learn from Dr. Van Til,” as well as an opportunity for students to further their knowledge on the future economic conditions of the country.

“Much of what Dr. Van Till will discuss in his talk has direct implications to us as students”, Fowler adds.

Everything from inflation and taxation to income distribution, immigration, and the cost of war and crime will be covered in a timely presentation during Common Time, 11:45 am 1:00 pm, in Roberts Room C-23 on Wednesday. If you have any concerns, questions, or curiosities about our new Commander in Chief, this event is a great opportunity to bounce them around for a fresh perspective.