By Josh Wynne, Staff Writer

Athletic Director Julie Davis (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Lear-Ward)

Athletic Director Julie Davis (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Lear-Ward)

As the Athletic Director at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF), Julie Davis is

constantly working behind the scenes to make improvements to UMF athletics.

Currently, Davis is working on making changes to one of the most used athletic facilities

on campus, Dearborn Gymnasium. “There are a number of critical projects going on

simultaneously. “The HVAC, floor, and bleachers are in dire need of replacement and we’ve been

authorized to get it all lined up for final approval at the system level.” said Davis in an e-mail


The process to renovate Dearborn Gymnasium, which was constructed in 1953, requires a great

amount of attention. “We’ve had some preliminary possibilities in place for some time but are

now answering significant questions regarding product, configuration and implications. What we

end up will last the life of the building.” said Davis.

Davis, is also currently attempting to “Expand non-traditional, coach led training opportunities

for the fall and spring sports. This will also allow athletes to have further skill development and

conditioning that will reduce the chance of preventable injuries and result in better performance.”

If successful this will be the first spring season that UMF will offer, fall sport non-traditional


As the process to improve Dearborn Gymnasium continues, and efforts to expand aspects of

the non-traditional season, Davis also has to complete other duties. “It’s this balance of meetings,

department meetings, committee meetings, and task force meetings.” said Davis.

Due to Davis’s busy schedule, event managers control the contest preparation. “We shifted a

good deal of the event management work across to coaching loads out of season so I can focus on

other administrative responsibilities” said Davis. During a home contest, preparation is about two

hours and approximately about 1 hour to wrap up.” said Davis. Davis adds, despite having event

mangers “It’s hard not to get involved.”

After leaving work for the evening, “I do an hour an half to two hours at least of work at home

said Davis. There’s always more, I’m never just content…I always want to raise the bar”

Throughout her tenure at UMF, Davis has created a working environment that is enjoyable.

“She, fosters a sense of community with the staff, which promotes team spirit amongst the

department and personal growth as well.” said UMF athletic trainer Karin Kezal. Kezal also noted

“Julie is a very honest, knowledgeable, engaging and supportive person.”

Kezal, has served as an athletic trainer at UMF for seven years and states that Davis’s job is a

lot of the “behind the scenes” work.

Prior to accepting the job at UMF, Davis earned a bachelors degree in Physical and Elementary

Education at Bethany, West Virginia, where she was a three-sport athlete. Davis, later obtained

her Masters Degree in Exercise Science at Marshall University, and completed the course work

and comprehensive exams toward a doctorate in athletic administration at the University of Iowa.

Davis later became a full time faculty member in exercise science and served as a head coach

at Nebraska Westland. Davis also served as a full time faculty instructing Physical Education,

while also working as Assistance Athletic Director at Carleton College for eight years. Davis also

had a short stint as a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness.

“The mix of real hands on experience, and theoretical experience, prepared me pretty well.”

said Davis.

Despite the busy schedule that is associated with being an Athletic Director, Davis adds “The

best parts of the job are really the people, in a day, the best part of my day might be interacting

with a student, it might be watching a team accomplish something, and or with the individual

having a personal best, or with the staff, and taking the opportunity we were able to create and

achieve something.”

“They are all different (days) that’s one of the appeals of the job for me.” said Davis.