By Meagan Winker, Staff Writer

Members of Knitting Club at Weekly Meeting (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Lear-Ward)

Members of Knitting Club at Weekly Meeting (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Lear-Ward)

More and more University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) students are showing

up every Monday night at Stitch & Bitch, a club for anyone who likes knitting and


The club members have noticed a higher attendance as of late. “It’s really blossomed

since last semester,” said Katrina Smith, a junior at UMF who has been involved with the

club for three years. “Like, we used to have six people and now we have at least twelve.

We’ve got some people who drop by once in awhile too.”

Junior and transfer student Jay LaPerriere said, “I knew like two people who crocheted

in my whole previous school…but then you come here and it’s like wow! There’s twenty

people here!”

The club, according to Sarah Otley, a founding member, student, and library staff

member, formed in the spring semester of 2008. Originally, there were two knitting

clubs on campus that were, Otley said, on the same day at the same time but in different

locations. “We merged our two groups because it was stupid to have two clubs at the

same time,” she said.

The club got its name from the popular knitting and crocheting book series of the

identical name. “Because we had guys in the group we went with Stitch and Bitch and

also because those book were coming out at the time so it was really popular then and

we all had them,” said Otley. She also mentioned that the books are available in Mantor


LaPerriere also said of the slogan for which the club was named, “It’s been around

since the forties. It’s kind of an edgy phrase for knitting clubs.”

Otley called it “the club that isn’t a club” because it is not funded by Student Senate

and the members want to maintain an informal atmosphere that isn’t bogged down by

recording minutes, said Otley.

Both Smith and Otley said new people are always welcome. “We know there are

people on campus who knit and it’s kind of a closet hobby but it doesn’t have to be,” said


“Boys and girls. It’s not just a girly thing,” Kaitlyn Bowie, a junior at UMF, added.

Club members look forward to getting together and to relax by knitting or crocheting.

“It is super zen. You’re focusing on your work and you’re not doing anything else,” said


Otley agreed. “It’s good stress relief,” she said. The knitting club is also willing to

teach new people how to knit or crochet, so long as they bring their own supplies, said


At least three or four people a semester say things like, “I really wanna do this but I

don’t know how,” said LaPerriere. “And at least two people will be like, ‘Here! Take my

hook. Take my yarn. I will teach you.’”

As for current projects, everyone had something to work on. Bowie is making a quilt

from different knitted squares. Otley is crocheting a little yeti, as well as making a

blanket, she said. Smith said, “I’m crocheting a bunch of mini turtles.”

Working on projects side by side is what the club is all about. “Getting together is a

motivational thing to get things done,” said Otley. “And you get inspired by what other

peoples’ projects are.”

For knitting resources for students who know how to knit or want to learn, the club

members suggested the Student Resource Depot for good deals on yarn and Pins and

Needles, an embroidery store on Main Street. “They’re really nice there. If you tell them

you’re starting up, they will help walk you through like what size needles to start with,

like what kind of yarn to use. They’re super helpful,” said Bowie.

The club meets every Monday at 7PM in room 322 in the Education Center