By Innes Herdan, Secretary

Hannah Watson, student

Hannah Watson (Photo courtesy of Hannah Watson)

    University of Maine Farmington (UMF) students join together in the Project Two class to build an

online arts journal, Knack, that expresses their joint passion for the arts, as well as allows the community

to get involved with local events.

     Project Two, instructed by Steve Pane, is a required class for all students who are in the Sound,

Performance and Visual Inquiry (SPVI) program. The students have come together to build this journal

from the ground up, by not only designating sub-committees to efficiently facilitate it but they have

also designed the journal and created original articles on the themes of their choice. It was a collective choice to name their online arts journal, Knack.

    “It took a lot of deliberation to come up with the name but its such an eclectic group of people that we are all passionate for one thing,” said Christina Hallowell, an Arts Administration Major and the co-editor of Knack, “We each have a knack for something.” Knack features a unique aspect, a one of a kind Western Maine arts calendar. “Knack is the only place currently that has a cummaltive calender of all arts events in the communities including and surrounding Farmington,” said Hallowell.

     Since the students are permitted to explore any theme in the art realm, the class aims to ultimately grasp their readers attention. “This journal is designed around the ability to enjoy, interact and explore the world of art and it’s many facets. Everyone involved has the freedom to explore their interests as well as work with a group of people who have very different interests than their own,” said Hannah Watson, an Arts Administration major and co-editor of Knack, “I believe that working on this journal will expand my

knowledge of my own field through individual research but also how my future career intersects with

other concentrations in the art scene like theater and gallery art.”

    Like Watson, Hallowell also feels this experience in college is opening doors and giving her

knowledge for her future career endeavors. “As an art administrator, this is exactly what I hope to do.

This is a great experience,” said Hallowell. “I am learning how to manage lots of people and lots of ideas

in an organized way. It’s helping me research different kinds of art, it’s exposing me to other students


Ahnna Beane, student

Ahnna Beane (Photto Courtesy of Ahnna Beane)

      Other students in Project two see the importance of sharing their passion with the greater world. “We are hoping to reach as many people as we can but specifically I hope that we are able to reach those people, like I had been, who are uncertain of their place or how to get involved,” said Ahnna Beane, who is double majoring in psychology and theater and is the head of Knack’s design team.“By sharing our individual experiences with the arts, I hope we can show others how to get involved and inspire them to take part in the events happening here” said Beane who also works on designing the website.

  There will be a total of three online publications this semester, but the class hopes to continue Knack further, despite the ending of their term in the class. Each issue will have a different theme and the first publication will be focusing on William Shakespeare. “We are covering the Tempest, which is the UMF spring production directed by Jayne Decker. We have character analyses, movie reviews on the Tempest, we have an article on people working on costumes…tons of articles revolving around The Tempest and Shakespeare,” said Hallowell.

For those interested in reading Knack’s first publication, it will be posted on March 13th. The URL is still in the process of being made but add Knack on twitter, @Knack_Journal, to receive the URL as soon as it is posted.