By Meagan Winker, Staff Reporter

Recently at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF) students sought out possible job opportunities from over 40 potential employers at this year’s Career Fair. From 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., students had the opportunity to talk with prospective employers at tables in the North Dining Hall and the Beach of the Olsen Student Center for summer time, part-time, or even full-time work positions offered throughout the state of Maine.

   “There are a handful of on-campus jobs, but there’s also people here from all over the state,” said Delainey Kein, a sophomore elementary education major with a concentration in English. Kein was running one of the student registration tables, where students signed in before looking around at the various displays set up by the attending employers.

   About 44 employers were listed at this Career Fair. Lindsey Arnold, a freshman early childhood special education major, who was also working at a registration table said, “AmeriCorps came in from Portland.”

   Students wandered past tables with notebooks and resumes, stopping to talk or pick up applications for any business that fascinated them. Elise Berry, a junior and early childhood special education major, said, “I looked at a lot of summer job positions at camps.” Berry wants to work at a summer camp with kids because, she said, “it has a lot to do with my major.” She gave out four resumes and plans on applying to Backyard Farms, the place she was most interested in. Berry is currently working at Sunday River as a ski tech but hopes to find a full-time job in the Farmington area in the future. Berry attended the Career Fair last year as well.

   Not everyone who walked through the student center was attending the fair, though, Kenneth Emerton, a junior and psychology major, didn’t stop to talk with any employers. “I usually walk right through,” he said. “But at least this year I’m paying attention.” Emerton said the fair got him to think about finding a new summer job, since his current one means putting up with an annoying coworker.

   UMF Career Services holds the Career Fair in the Olsen Student Center every year.

   In case students missed this year’s fair or are just looking for more information on occupation opportunities, UMF Career Services is welcome to help any student in need. Career Services is located in Franklin Hall on the second floor.