March 27, 2014

By Cameron McAllister, Staff Writer

Athletic Trainer Matt Campbell (courtesy of UMF Athletics)

Athletic Trainer Matt Campbell (courtesy of UMF Athletics)

The dribbling of basketballs, kicking of soccer balls, and hitting of lacrosse players are all

things that trainers hear everyday depending on the season.

For Matt Campbell, assistant athletic trainer and instructor at the University of Maine at

Farmington (UMF), this is a day that consists of sports and injuries at UMF doing a job that he

always wanted to do.

Campbell, a native of Houlton, Maine, went to the University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI)

where he got his Bachelor degree in Athletic Training. From there he went on to California

University of Pennsylvania in California, Pennsylvania where he got his masters degree in

Athletic Training.

Athletics at UMF include men’s and women’s lacrosse, basketball, soccer, cross country, and

skiing. Softball, baseball, men’s golf, and field hockey are also sports at the university.

Campbell said one major thing about his job that he loves is that the human body is

unpredictable. “The challenge that not every injury is the same and not every athlete responds

to the injury the same,” said Matt. “You are constantly learning new things and how to provide

better treatment for the injury.”

Many athletes and coaches think very highly of Matt, Danny Kane, a assistant basketball coach

and former player, said he is very knowledgeable but there is more than just that. “Matt is a very

knowledgeable trainer who is easy to get along with and has a great sense of humor.” Kane said.

Ronie Morales, a first-year on the soccer team, used similar words to talk about UMF’s

assistant athletic trainer. “He is funny, super nice, and makes us all laugh.” Morales said.

A typical day for a trainer is never the same although it does include some of the same things.

“A typical day involves covering practices, evaluating injuries, doing treatment and rehabilitation

for current athletic injuries. Two days a week I teach a class.” Campbell said.

Sports isn’t the only reason Campbell loves being an athletic trainer although it was one the

reasons he gets up in the morning. “Just the fact that I get to work with athletes and get to face

potentially new challenges.” Campbell said.

Campbell said that UMF was always in his life because of his past at UMPI being an athlete,

which helped his decision to come here be easier. “I picked UMF because I needed to get college

Athletic Training experience so that I may advance my career later down the road. Also I had

experience competing against UMF while I was an athlete at UMPI and had a lot of respect for

the athletic programs.” Campbell said.

Campbell plans on going back to school to further his education but didn’t speak about UMF.

“I plan to go back to school and get my Doctorate most likely in the Fall of 2015.” Campbell said.

“Long term goals I want to be an educator and a future program director of an Athletic Training

Education Program.”

The athletes thought that his future should include UMF. “I would like to see Matt with UMF

for years to come. Karin and him do a great job working together and with the players and

coaches throughout the year.” Kane said.