By Traci Norwood, Staff Writer 

2013 Spring Fling Club Fair (photo courtesy of Chelsea Collins)

2013 Spring Fling Club Fair (photo courtesy of Chelsea Collins)

At the end of end of every year, a week of events takes place, engulfing students here at the University of Maine at Farmington (UMF). The weather has become nicer leaving the coldness of winter behind, classes are winding down, and graduation is fast approaching. This week is known as UMF’s Spring Fling, which starts Saturday, April 26th and goes until Sunday, May 4th.

 Spring Fling is entirely planned by students to capture different interests through a series of events. The mastermind behind it all this year is Chelsea Collins, a junior at UMF majoring in elementary education with a mathematics concentration, along with a spectacular committee.

 Collins started her journey to becoming Spring Chair last year when she was the Executive Director of Programming for the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE). UMF Student Senate asked ACE to vote for a member to be a co-chair for Spring Fling. Collins said, “I had a lot of experience with programming and the members of ACE thought I would do a good job, so they voted me into the position.”

  In her second year as chair, she helps clubs and other student groups organize nine, highly attended events. The funds for Spring Fling come from UMF Student Senate that gives a specific budget for Spring Fling. Some clubs also use some of their own clubs funds to finance their event.
All of the activities that are selected for Spring Fling are decided on by the group. There are currently 11 people on the committee.“The committee votes on what events will be a part of spring thing, shirt design and color, budgets, and logistics of the club fair. They are a huge part of the decision making process” Collins said.

  The theme for this year’s Spring Fling is decades, this was decided on by the committee to correspond with the 150th anniversary of UMF. This year Collins hoped to make the planning process more efficient and make all events bigger than before so all students could take part.

  Collins provided a run-down of the events:

  Battle of the Bands- sponsored and hosted by WUMF: This is a competition between bands on campus and throughout the community. The event will be on Saturday, April 26th at 7pm in the South Dining Hall.

  Rocky Horror Picture Show- hosted by STUMF: The show is put on by STUMF based on the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie. The event will be on Sunday, April 27th at 9pm and 12am in South Dining Hall. This event will be 70’s themed.

  Laser Tag- sponsored and hosted by ACE: ACE hires G-force laser tag for a night of competitive fun. The event will be on Monday, April 28th from 7pm-11pm on Mantor Green and will be futuristic themed.

  Mr. & Mrs. UMF Pageant- hosted by Residence Life: This event is a mock beauty pageant open to any UMF student. The event will be on Tuesday, April 29th at 8pm in Lincoln Auditorium and will be 80’s themed.

  Talent Show- hosted by CRC: This event is to showcase the many talents of UMF students. The event will take place Wednesday, April 30th at 7:30pm in Lincoln Auditorium. The talent show will be 50’s Grease themed.

  Murder Mystery- sponsored and hosted by Honors Club with additional help from STUMF. This event will take place on Thursday, May 1st at 6:00pm in the Landing and the event is 20’s themed.

  Spring Fling Dance- sponsored and hosted by ACE: The event will be on Friday, May 2nd from 10pm-1am in the South Dining Hall and will be 90’s themed

  Drag Show- hosted by Andreaska Jeffcoats and Devin Gilman: The event will be on Saturday, May 3rd at 9pm in the South Dining Hall and is 60’s themed.

  Spring Fling Club fair and outdoor concert- sponsored and hosted by ALD and Spring Fling Committee: There will many tables set up by clubs, an inflatable obstacle course, a bouncy house, human bowling, a climbing wall, and trampolines. Lunch will also be served outside. Also, Sparks the Rescue, a popular band from Maine, will be performing in the amphitheater during the event. The event will take place May 4th from 12-2pm along Roberts Court Yard, the Amphitheater, and in the commuter parking lot.


  Collin’s described her favorite part of Spring Fling saying, “It is seeing it all come together at the end. You work so hard putting it all together and nothing is better than seeing it go so successfully. Last year, our Spring Fling was a huge success and I am hoping to continue that this year.”

  Spring Fling committee meets every Tuesday at 6:00pm in Ed Center 006.