By Katrina Seeley, Staff Writer

Pizza Oven at the Stone Hearth Cafe (Photo by Katrina Seeley)

Pizza Oven at the Stone Hearth Cafe (Photo by Katrina Seeley)

  A new restaurant and café is now open on Front Street in Farmington that has a focus everyone is talking about.

   Yaicha Cowell-Sarofeen, café manager, brings over two decades of experience to the Stone Hearth. In the kitchen you can find her using items that are both organic and locally grown, which is the main focus for this café. “This business was inspired to open for a good focus on local fresh food,” said Cowell-Sarofeen. “Things that can make people happy to know they can walk in here and know they are getting a healthy meal and focusing on local and organic.”

   April 2nd was opening day for the café and they still have been busy and consistent with their customers.

   The menu offers customers wood fired pizza, paninis, soup, salad and artisan gelato. As far as she has seen, what gets ordered the most depends on the day  “Some days we will send out 25 Front Street sandwiches in a row and none for the rest of the day and other days it is all turkey clubs,” said Cowell-Sarofeen. “It is really hard to tell within the first week what kind of product we are pushing out the door.”

   Devin Fitzgerald and her friend recently tried Stone Hearth and both were very pleased by their experience. “I thought the food was really good and the ingredients tasted really fresh,” said Fitzgerald. “I am excited to go back because I want to try one of their paninis and gelato.”

   Now that summer is right around the corner, college students will be heading home which will decrease business for local restaurants and stores. Cowell-Sarofeen is not worried at all though because she will see different business clientele. “The older crowd comes out in the summertime because it is warmer,” said Cowell-Sarofeen. “And as far as the café is concerned, it is more of a focus to get people in for lunch and dinner than out but as soon as we get the dining room open this will be for more focused seating.”

   Many college students might be worried about the cost of items on their menu but there is nothing to worry about. Prices are reasonable and you get what you are paying for. “I thought the prices were affordable which is good because it will attract a lot of college students,” said Fitzgerald.

   To make sure the café is running smoothly, comment cards were left out for customers to write on. On the cards they could write what they would like to see at the café and in the first week many customers wanted salsa available. “I am starting salsa next week,” said Cowell-Sarofeen. “Otherwise we haven’t had any complaints yet so that is good. Everyone seems contented with their meals at this point.”

   John Moore, co-owner of Stone Hearth Café is also the owner of Narrow Gauge Cinemas. When you purchase a pizza at the café you can also purchase one movie ticket for $3.00.

   The Stone Hearth Café is open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday and 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. When qualified help is found, the café plans to be open six days a week. If you are interested in viewing what is on their menu, you can find that online at