By William Addelson, Contributing Writer 

Over the past year all that has been talked about is the presidential race. Now that election day has come and gone, regardless of the results, students and faculty at UMF agree they couldn’t be happier that it’s all finally over.

“100% so glad it’s over,” said Isaac Michaud, sophomore and president of the UMF College Republicans. “Between all the stuff in the media and on tv, it was hard to sit through.”

Michaud wasn’t the only individual who took the whole election cycle hard. Following election day results, some UMF students wrote chalk messages on the pavement all around campus. Some messages were deploying a much less positive message than the majority of them. Isaac himself said he liked the public form of protest to get the message across, but writing hateful things in public just to make others feel inadequate was way over board.  

Steve Dyer, an employee at UMF, enjoyed seeing a lot of the positive comments written around campus. “I liked the positive ones. It made me feel like good hearted people out number the not so good ones.”  The messages ranged from, “LGBTQ lives matter,” to inspirational phrases and even things written just to tell someone that they are important, appreciated or loved.

Michaud spent his election day decorating in quite a different way. “I came back from the polls and put up my x-mas lights. Literally! I was changing to a new time of the year and I couldn’t be more happy that it’s finally done so we can move on.”

Some people are not as ready to move on as others. “I truly hoped we’d be watching the first female president win this past November,” new transfer student Joey Whynot admitted. For Whynot this election felt much more like a punchline to a really long joke, and wasn’t funny at all. “Just when you thought this election as a whole couldn’t get any more collectively ludacris, Trump wins the whole thing… of course…”

When asked to reflect on the election as a whole, different answers from around the board were given. Whynot’s response was quick and to the point. “This election brought a dark ignorance out in Americans all around the country. And now we see hate crimes across the nation… No one can sit there and say that the hate isn’t directly related to Trump.”

The thing that scares Whynot about Trump and the future is shown in his “tell it like it is attitude” that he is so famous for. “Trump is scary because he got his supporters through ‘telling it like it is,’ if that doesn’t show how ignorant the country is, I don’t know what will.”

Michaud’s thoughts on the election and future of this country sounded a bit different than Whynot’s. “To be frank, I’m not sure if the country will be better,” Michaud said. “I’m not gonna state things until they really go down. President elect Donald Trump has said things that have really rubbed some American people the wrong way, and that applies to me as well. So we’re gonna have to wait just wait and see like that rest of the American people.”