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Q: I’m totally freaking about all of the work that I have to do for my classes and I don’t know how to balance the essays that I have for finals and find time to study for my exams. What do I do?

Signed, Incredibly Anxious and Extremely Overwhelmed

A: First step, take a deep breath. Everything is going to be fine. Everyone gets overwhelmed during this time of the year and it is perfectly normal to feel panicked about everything that you have to do. We recommend writing down all of your assignments. When you have things down on paper, they always seem less daunting than when they are just floating around in your head. We also suggest that you try not to spend huge amounts of time on one assignment. Your brain can really only function and process information intelligently for about 20 minutes, so every half-hour or so it is important to stand up and take a break. This will help your brain process information more efficiently. Stay strong and good luck! You got this!

Q: So, I just starting seeing this guy and I think that it has the potential to be something serious, but I’m nervous that we’re going to lose that spark when we both go home for break. How do I keep the romance alive until we get back to campus in January?

Signed, First Time Love

A: We suggest maintaining communication with each other in the same ways that you do when you are both here at school. Also, if you live nearby each other, you could always plan to get together and spend the day doing something fun. Just because you are not on campus doesn’t mean that you can’t make plans to see each other. Just make sure that you are also providing each other with time to spend with your families! After a month apart things can feel different when you get back to school, however; don’t worry if this is the case. If you are meant to be together things will settle back into place naturally.