Employers and recruiters interested in hiring UMF students and graduates are welcome to recruit on-campus!

On-campus recruiting is an integral part of helping our students and alumni find meaningful employment and careers, learn about potential opportunities with various organizations and industries, and develop a better understanding of the characteristics sought by employers in new members of the workforce. The Career Services Team offers the following organized recruiting opportunities:

  • Career and employment fairs: UMF offers a Student Employment Fair each fall semester to feature local employment opportunities that are friendly to the demands of full-time study. These opportunities range from part-time work in the community to student employment positions on campus. The UMF Career Fair, which occurs each spring semester, caters more to employers seeking full-time employees for summer or permanent work and attracts a fair number of graduating seniors looking to secure their first post-graduation job. Registration for these events is available online or via email; to ensure that you receive updated information on these events and registration, please contact our office via email at or by telephone at 207-778-7034.
  • Online UMF Job Board: Employers and recruiters are welcome to submit open positions and opportunities to the online UMF Job Board. This job board is primarily designed to highlight part- and full-time employment opportunities suitable for current UMF students and graduates. To post a position to the job board, visit, create an account, and follow directions to post an opportunity.  You can also email us at, or call our office at 207-778-7034.
  • Career and networking events: UMF Career Services and Alumni Relations collaborate to host a number of career and networking events each year on our campus and in other locations. While these events are not always designed for the specific purpose of recruitment, connections made at these events between students, alumni, and employers can often lead to employment opportunities. One such event is our annual “College to Career” networking event held each year, designed to help students gain a better understanding of what it’s like to move from being a college student into working in the corporate world. This event also provides a comfortable setting for them to network with alumni and potential employers.

Other arrangements for on-campus recruiting can be organized on a case-by-case basis between employers and the Career Services Team. Potential opportunities include:

  • Develop an internship: UMF’s Partnership for Civic Advancement supports and manages student-community engagement activities such as internships, undergraduate research, volunteerism, leadership education and training, and service learning throughout western Maine and the state. The Partnership offers information and guidance for organizations and community partners interested in developing internships for UMF students.

cupolaThe Career Services Team gives priority attention to those employers and recruiters with employment opportunities well-suited to UMF students and graduates and expects all recruiters to perform their work on our campus and with our students in accordance with professional standards and guidelines established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

If employers and recruiters have other ideas they would like to discuss regarding on-campus recruiting, they are encouraged to contact Career Services at 207-778-7034. We look forward to working with employers one-on-one to arrange customized on-campus recruiting sessions at UMF that meet organizations’ needs and help our students and graduates find meaningful employment and learn more about the various options available to them within different companies, organizations, and industries.