Psychiatric services are not available at UMF’s counseling center; however, the staff’s licensed clinical professional counselors work closely with the doctors at the UMF Health Center, who will consult with a student’s home psychiatrist for medication management.

There are limited psychiatric services available in the small, rural community of Farmington, Maine, and there is often a waiting period of up to two months for an appointment. However, if you would like to schedule an appointment, we provide the names of the two local agencies with psychiatrists on staff:

Because of the limited local psychiatric resources, we strongly encourage students — in cooperation with their families, physicians, and psychiatrists — to develop a plan to manage specific mental health needs before arriving on campus. The UMF Counseling Center and the Health Center are eager to assist students with the implementation of plans and look forward to working cooperatively with home therapists and doctors to provide appropriate care and support.

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