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The Field Supervision Program at the University of Farmington (UMF) has a dynamic vision of education for the 21st century. This vision is based on the ideal of creating schools that are dedicated to maximizing each student’s potential by personalizing learning experiences for all students. Preparing new teachers for this work and for the actualization of the vision presents many challenges. Engaging teacher candidates in early and ongoing field experiences throughout their programs supports their understanding of this complex work so that they are able to meet the challenges of the teaching profession.

The Education practica are classroom experiences designed in part to help the college student make career choices and to shift students’ perspectives from that of a college student to that of a teacher. Student Teaching is a culminating experience for Education majors, which brings together teacher candidates’ experiences as individuals and as learners so that they can move in to the profession of teaching as caring teachers, competent educators and collaborative professional leaders.
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