Curiosity is Your Compass

Academic Benefits

  • take classes not available at your school
  • study with new professors and experts in your field
  • broaden your educational perspective
  • pursue research, field study, and internship opportunities
  • investigate graduate schools

Personal Benefits

  • experience personal growth and independence
  • live in different geographic and cultural settings
  • gain international and/or intercultural understanding
  • explore the historical and cultural makeup of the U.S. and Canada

Professional Benefits

  • make connections in a new job market
  • develop practical skills for use in your professional development
  • increase collaboration experience
  • prepare yourself to live and work in a culturally diverse society

*Enrolled/Matriculated at UMF, full time, in the semester prior to and throughout your exchange.

*Have completed minimum of one semester of full-time (min. 12 credits) study in residence at UMF by application deadline. AP and transfer credits are not considered.

*Sophomore standing or above at the time of exchange, minimum 32 credits earned.

*2.5 minimum cumulative UMF GPA. There are a few select participating schools with higher GPA minimums, be sure to review these requirements on

*Good academic and disciplinary standing.

*Meet foreign language proficiency requirements, if needed.

*Must not be on probation, parole, or have any pending legal judgments.

How to Get Started

Request an advising session where you will:

  • Learn about the different NSE options
  • Receive information on programs and locations that interest you
  • Learn how to choose a program that best meets your need
  • Learn about UMF’s NSE application process, step-by-step
  • Have your questions answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

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