Summer/Fall 2016 IT Help Desk Hours for calls and walk-up (mid May to mid-September):

Call 778-7300 or Stop by the Mantor IT Help Desk Monday to Friday between 8am and 4:30pm.

As we get into mid-September, we expect to staff the phones and desk with our very capable students as late as 9pm and on the weekends! Look for our Fall hours soon.


Need IT help?

There are many ways you can request help from IT when you need it. See below for the way that is most convenient for you and the hours this service is available.

  • EMail The message you send will create a ticket 24/7  in our UMF IT Campus Services queue which we monitor during staffed hours. Staff is available Monday – Friday 8am to 4:30pm with capable student support during evening and weekend hours (during the semester)!
  • Fill out the short help request form at 24/7. A ticket will be created in the system-wide tech support bucket and the staff that monitors that queue will help you directly, forward the ticket to our team or to another team should it be more effective.
  • Call 778-7300 or ext 7300. While you will likely hear voices from anywhere within the UMaine System, they are competent and professional staff and students from across the state. That’s right, if you call our number and press the button for faculty and staff, you will get staff answering your call. Similarly if you press the student button, the student body will take that call! Brilliantly simple really- students understand student issues best just as staff will have more direct experience and understanding of staff and faculty needs. For urgent, on-site needs that only we can resolve- anyone that takes your call has multiple ways of connecting to us and we are always refining that communication process.
  • Stop by our IT Help Desk in the Mantor Learning Commons! Guided by the staff in US:IT Campus Services, the capable work-study students will be there to assist you in any way possible. Should your University owned device need the attention of our techs, the Help Desk can offer you a loaner, install any printers you require and help you move any data necessary. Our team will handle the shuffling, fixing and returning your device to Mantor. Don’t forget to grab a coffee on your way in or out- convenient right? If this is your own personal device, and the Help Desk’s advice isn’t quite enough- ask for a list of local vendors and clubs that might be able to fix it. (See Help Desk Hours below.)

You can also get self-help articles from the University Technology Support Center’s (UTSC) site.


Want to check the status of a University of Maine System Application or a Google App? Click on the links below:

UMS Application Status Dashboard

 Google App Status Dashboard

Contact this department:

Phone: (207) 778-7300
TDD: (207) 778-7000