Welcome to Fall 2020 at UMF!



Need help? There are many ways to request and receive help from IT and they all start with the Help Desk. The Help Desk provides computing assistance for the UMF Community regarding password resets, email, Zoom, Brightspace, lab and printing issues, wireless connection issues, and more.

Call 207-778-7300 or 800-696-HELP or Chat via itsupport.maine.edu

For most of your IT needs, there are competent and professional staff and students from across the state able to take your call. They can often resolve your issue while chatting with you. If they can’t fix it right away or (only the Farmington IT staff can help you), the person taking your call will create a ticket and someone will help just as soon as they can. If the matter is urgent, please let them know. All IT Support Staff have real-time access to each other.

Fall 2020 IT Help Desk Support Hours – Phone and Live Chat

Mon-Thurs: 7:30am – 8pm

Friday: 7:30am – 6pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Stop by our IT Help Desk on the 1st floor of the Mantor Library

You can find IT help at the front desk of the Library as you walk in the building. Guided by the staff in US:IT Support Services, the capable work-study students will be there to assist you in any way possible. Due to social distancing requirements and resulting staffing limitations, our availability is limited, and wait times might be longer. Try phone or chat support whenever possible, we can often “remote” into your computer to assist quickly.

Mantor IT Help Desk Hours

Monday – Thursday 8 am – 7 pm

 Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm

 Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Email: help@maine.edu

The message you send automatically creates a ticket for IT and whoever can help you will reach out as soon as possible.

At our IT Support page you’ll find many different ways you can get help from IT.



As a student, faculty, or staff member, it is your responsibility to review and understand the Acceptable Use of Information and Information Systems Administrative Practice Letter. It applies to the entire University of Maine System, has been reviewed by key constituents and approved by the Treasurer of the University of Maine System. For questions, please call (207) 581-5846. For links to other University of Maine System APLs, visit https://www.maine.edu/apls/




Visit our updated and improved IT Resources and Tools website for more information on learning, teaching and working resources! As we continue to adapt to remote learning, teaching and working, this resource page will be of great assistance.



Because you’re faculty/staff in the University of Maine System, you have access to super-fast wireless, in most areas of campus. For your laptops, tablets and smartphones, the University of Maine System provides access through eduroam. Once your device is set up, you have access to thousands of participating hotspots within the research and education community world-wide. For more information about eduroam, tempest and our guest wifi including how to on-board all of your devices, visit wifi.maine.edu



There are several socially distanced Macs and PCs in the Mantor Library for computing needs, many of which are in private study rooms. You will find (pay for) printers on the first and third floors. The Fusion Center 24-hour lab has both Macs and PCs and seating for your laptop and printing capabilities. Students can even print from their own computers.

Printing and photocopying in these areas cost 5 cents per page for B&W and 15 cents for color. Anyone can add money to their printing account by paying with cash in the Mantor Library or loading “campus bucks” on thier ID card account. To add money to your ID card account log into the Portal at http://mycampus.umf.maine.edu/ and click on eAccounts in the launchpad. (This is not necessary for your “department” printer- just the pay-for-print devices listed above.)



As part of an ongoing effort to offer consistent services to the University community, your ID card is a unified campus card, the UMS OneCard. This card strengthens campus services for all students, faculty, and staff cardholders by enhancing cross-campus ID card functionality. Please see the frequently asked questions page for more information.

Benefits of your UMS OneCard:

  • All campus cards will be accepted at any campus for dining purchases, including meal plans, and Campus Bucks (see FAQ above for details on Campus Bucks)
  • Continued access to all of the services that your UMF ID Card currently provides (library services, printing/photocopying, door access, university store, etc)
  • Mobile app for ios and android
  • A web portal for managing accounts and adding funds (Even loved ones can add money to your account.)

Find out more at umf.maine.edu/campus-life/onecard.



As the Fall semester begins, the rollout of the University of Maine System’s new learning management system, Brightspace, is close to completion. Brightspace’s user-friendly, modern, and mobile adaptive interface will be an important tool to support teaching and learning. There are tutorials within students’ Brightspace accounts, but here’s a Brightspace Quick Reference Guide for Students too. Thanks go to Ashley Montgomery and Mary Dindorf for this great guide!



All students, faculty, and staff can install Microsoft Office on up to 5 of their own personal devices using their UMS email address and password. You can do this by logging in to the Portal at http://mycampus.umf.maine.edu/ and going to UMF Tools, Download Software or going to office.com/getOffice365.. If you need assistance, ask us for help!



Go to http://mycampus.umf.maine.edu/ for single sign-on access to many of the resources and tools you need including BrightSpace, Zoom, MaineStreet, and Gmail. There are direct links into MaineStreet features you need so you won’t have to learn to navigate it. There are UMF Quick links and all sorts of helpful information in the portal. But if you do need assistance, you know how to find us!



All University of Maine System students, faculty, and staff have access to a full professional Zoom license? This means that everyone in the UMS community can create and host meetings without any of the restrictions associated with free, basic Zoom accounts.

Zoom is a web conferencing tool available to all University of Maine System students, faculty, and staff. Zoom provides high-quality audio and video, intuitive sharing and co-annotation tools, breakout rooms, white-boarding tools, the ability to easily add content to a meeting on the fly, and the option to download meeting recordings as MP4 files.

Zoom has apps for all platforms, including fully-featured iOS and Android apps. You can access Zoom by going to maine.zoom.us or by using the LaunchPad Zoom icon in the UMF myCampus Portal. Refer to this handy Zoom Student Guide (thank you Ashley Montgomery and Mary Dindorf) for quick answers.

UMS Zoom Resources and Support



Phishing email continues to plague our University community by attempting to deceive individuals. The most popular version tries to get you divulge your password with such ruses as “Unable to display this email” and “Click here to view this message;” or “Log in for the secure email;” or notices that your account requires urgent attention.

If you receive messages like these or suspect an email is phishing, please report it to phish@maine.edu



This summer’s web conferencing projects included various upgrades in nearly 30 rooms across the UMF campus, providing Zoom capabilities for both in-room and remote participation. Many classes this fall will include students, faculty or external members “Zooming” in via this technology.

Much of IT’s summer work was to install the Board of Trustees funded web conferencing equipment for 11 fully outfitted web-conferencing rooms and 6 large web-conferencing carts. Anticipating a need that exceeded the planned rooms and large carts, your local IT Support Services team also partnered with campus leadership to create 12 smaller web-conferencing carts.

The effort was great, but the desire to help you provide students with every possible and reasonable opportunity to be included in the larger UMF community was greater.  This technology is just a small part of what you’ve all done this summer to prepare and IT is proud to contribute to the effort.



The University of Maine System’s current cloud storage solution contract with Box will end in February 2021. Planning is currently underway to migrate Box content to Microsoft OneDrive. If you have content stored in Box, your content will be migrated for you with as little disruption as possible in the coming months and you will be notified in advance when your files and folders will be moved. For more information, please refer to the Box Migration to OneDrive support page.



The latest edition of our IT Connections Newsletter was published in mid-August 2020! You should have received an email with a direct link to the newsletter, where you’ll find an array of UMS IT topics including feature articles, IT project updates, safe computing reminders, and tips and tricks on utilizing  IT tools and resources.  Check out the archive if you missed past newsletters. https://wpsites.maine.edu/itconnections/



Important text and/or email messages regarding closings and emergencies are posted as necessary.  You were automatically opted in to receive these alerts.  In the Portal (mycampus.umf.maine.edu), clicking on the icon on the launchpad will take you to a registration page.

Edit your contact information and then click on subscriptions. Click on Manage subscriptions and sign up for what you want to receive.