Everyone’s Resource Depot is a non-profit corporation that takes recycled materials from local businesses and community members and sells them for a very low cost. We strongly encourage recycling and want to show everyone that almost anything can be re-used and made into something wonderful!

We collect clean and safe materials donated by Maine businesses and local community members and sell them at a very low cost. We encourage creative re-use of a wide variety of materials. These materials include paper, envelopes, fabric, leather, boxes, shoe laces, strapping, foam, colorful plastic shapes, buttons, yarn, telephone wire, 3-ring binders, wallpaper books, learning games, and much more. We also have FREE magazines, containers and egg cartons.

Everything listed above is just a small sample of our materials. Our entire store is decorated with crafts constructed by our materials!

We have plenty of resources around the store to help you come up with project ideas such as our idea sheets and our “Library of Ideas!”

library-of-ideas books idea-sheets

We encourage our customers to buy only materials they know they will use. We want to make sure that all our materials will be re-used, and if you can’t use them… someone else can!


Below are some photos of a chess set that was made with simple materials found at Everyone’s Resource Depot.
*The pieces were made from various wooden shapes, the board was made from a floor tile, and the drawer was made of a simple box.

chessboard Chessboard up-close

chess pieces

We hope that by seeing what you can do with simple materials you will be inspired to do some creating of your own!

The following three images are different crafts that have been created here at the Depot! They were all created by students using second hand materials found here at the store. We encourage people to be as creative as possible, whenever they can be!

This bear can always be seen around Everyone’s Resource Depot in a festive outfit relative to the seasons or holiday.

These projects have all been made with materials from the Depot by students

This mobile is called the Four Seasons mobile.