We decorate our bulletin board several times a year to correspond with the season!
Our bulletin board is covered with projects made with our materials!


We have all sorts of colorful paper snowflakes around the room!


Mobiles are very popular projects at the Depot!

We create project bags here at the Depot to inspire creativity and make crafting easier! A bag comes complete with all the materials needed to finish an entire project, aside from glue and scissors. We have a vast variety of project bags, and that continues to grow. Some favorites have been the Under the Sea Collage, The Robot (shown), and the Pirate. Recently we added a Space Capsule (also can be used as storage/ piggy bank), and a bracelet making bag (shown). Below are the pictures of the Robot, Paper Tube Critters, and Bracelet.


Some puppets made by our work-study students!


The Spongebob shown above was made by a young boy who loves shopping here!

ladybug bunnies

fairy mobile recycle-mobile

Recently we were donated a large number of semi-precious jewels. Since we got this donation we have been able to create wonderfully handcrafted pieces of jewelry that can be purchased at the store for 2$ a piece. So far we have made multiple necklaces and different pairs of earrings. All of the supplies to make these pieces of jewelry can be found within the resource depot. So if you like to make your own pieces of jewelry you can find all the materials here!

We are running low on our semi-precious jewels. If you know of someone who would be getting rid of some or willing to donate, please let us know! 

We hope you have some sort of understanding of how many different projects you can make with our materials!

Come visit us soon, and start creating!!