Welcome to 91.5 WUMF’s homepage, the college radio station of the University of Maine at Farmington! My guess is that you want to hear some great music, yes?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Follow Listen Live to stream us online or through iTunes! Check out the On Air Schedule to see which show’s playing next!

Maybe the awesome is so intense that it’s practically pouring out of your ears right now, and you’re thinking Holy crap, how can I become so sweet at everything? Well, there’s a link for that, too. Slide on over to Join Us to pick up an application.

What’s that you say, you’re from a band or record label? The Contact link lists our executive board members and all of their contact information (except, well, their social security numbers because I think that’s illegal…).

To request a song on-air, call (207) 778-7353!

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If you have questions related to issues concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), please call 778-7000 x7295

111 South Street
Farmington, ME 04938
office phone 207.778.7352